About Skribbl-io.net

Skribbl.io is the name of the most recent multiplayer game of drawing online and in this game, the players require guessing words that another player has drawn. The game starts after a certain number of players have been reached in the room. In the game, there are many different languages which are English, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, French, Spanish, and so on. Therefore, players have to select the language which they want to guess and play. Players can connect and guess words among each other via the chat system of the game.

Skribbl-io.net shares a guide, word list, rules, tips, tactics, info about the Skribbl.io game. Our website aims to provide reliable and proper information to players of the game. Then, players can have more information and a better style to play.

English is the official language of our website. Skribbl-io.net’s server is located in Dallas, TX – United States. The main script of this website is WordPress.


For Players: [email protected]
For Developers: [email protected]