Connection Lost Problem connection lost is the name of a fun-addicting io multiplayer game that revolved around the guessing of the words on the basis of the variety of drawings. The game is such that is certain to keep you entertained! This game also presents you with a great chance of testing your reserve of vocabularies as well. Losing of connection is an issue in, so we are going to discuss connection lost problem below.

GamePlay is a game where you are going to take your turn choosing a word and subsequently make an attempt at drawing something that associates with the word that you’ve opted for. The additional players are going to make an attempt at guessing that word is by taking a look at the drawings of yours. In the same way, you require thinking that bit harder and that bit faster at the time that you make an attempt to make a guess of the word on the basis of the drawings of your rivals. connection lost

You have to make certain that you type in your word more speedily for earning a great deal of points. This is a game that includes four rounds and you’re going to end up as the winner in the event of you having the greatest score following the 4 rounds. All of the details of the game do sound amazing and so you must not lose any time in engaging in this game as the earliest and check the amount of score that you can rack up. Connection Lost Issue

An issue that many of the players of this game have reported till now is that they keep experiencing connection lost. If you have a look at any of the online forums you’ll see that several players have been discussing the way of resolving the connection lost issue. If you are also experiencing this issue you might get an answer to the problem by registering yourself at official site. If you are experiencing lag problem in the game, this issue may cause you connection problems.

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