Free Game free free is a multiplayer drawing and guessing game that is available free of cost on the IO platform. Here in the following article, we are going to discuss further on this game. Free Game

In the game, players have to guess words drawn by other players. This game is inspired by the original Pictionary which was a cartoon game. Join this game free of cost and play with other players who join from around the world. You need to draw a chosen word as best you can so that other players on the other side can guess them.

One player has to draw one time, and other players will guess it by typing the word in the chat window. If you can find it right answer, your name will be displayed in the green score table. On every correct answer, you will earn points. The first-ever player to guess the word will earn more points, followed by the 2nd and then the 3rd, etc. free

How to Draw in Free Game?

Not only by guessing words, but you also have to draw, when your turn will come in free. You can choose between three different words. Choose 1 that you can draw it easily, it is because you have unlimited time to do. Once you will choose the word, start drawing. Use different tools and colors to make good images. The panel of the tool is similar o the old and paint software, you will get used to it. Many potential players are wondering how to join a game.

Make Your Game for Free

Are you interested to play the game along with your friends? You just need to create a room in the main menu and you can also invite your pals by sending a link to invite.

Each player can only draw 3 times and whoever gets the maximum points after the end of the game, he will be the winner. free is an amazing online game. That means you will play with real players on another side from around the world. The best part of this game is that you can also communicate with other players. As a clue, in free, you will get to see the number of letters that the word will have to guess it contains right above the drawing panel.

After a specific time in free, many letters will appear so it will be easier for you to guess it. The truth is that you will not need these clues if the drawing is sufficiently well done. All said, try to draw in the most precise way!

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