Turkish (Türkçe) Game turkish is one of the best online multiplayer games which involves drawing and guessing games where you would have to draw various lines and pictures so that the other player can understand the word with people and friends from all across the world. Turkish (Türkçe) is a local language game for Turkish players. Turkish: Multiplayer Drawing Game Turkish is a fun and online multiplayer drawing game which you can play with friends from all over the world. You can draw a picture or doodle through to help the other players guess the hidden word only you can see. Next, it’s your turn to guess!  The game comprises of a few rounds in which in every round, one of the players would have to draw their chosen word and all the other players in the game would have to guess the word that are been drawn in order to gain points.

The game is available in a number of diverse languages and features based on the chat room that you decide to be in. The game is available for play in all the countries in German, Turkish, French, Spanish as well as the English language. You can play the Turkish game by setting the language in the main menu to Turkish. turkish

How To Play Turkish Game

One player draws a drawing from the three given options in the Turkish while the other people who have to guess the word correctly. Then they would have to presume the correct word by typing into the chat window on the right. If your answer is right, then your name would appear in green on the leader board which is on the left side.

The player who answers the most answers will earn more points. The first player who will guess the right word will make the most points followed by the second and the third player. Each player can draw 3 times in total and the player who scores the most points will win the game. The player needs to be the first one to guess the right one.

When You Are Drawing The Game

When it is your turn to draw the game, choose a word from the three sections and visualize the word and guess the word in 80 seconds. When somebody else is drawing, you have to type your guess into the chat to gain points. Be as quick as possible because the earlier you guess a word the more points you get in the Turkish!

German, the language of the most developed country in the world, has a very large audience in this game. With German, you can improve your German or play with German players.

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